5-Inch Wusthof Classic Ikon Stainless Steel Boning Knife Review


When trimming fat or boning ham or chicken, we all desire to spend minimal effort but achieve maximum efficiency. And to achieve this it is paramount to use the right boning knife. The best knife should be light on the hand, have the right feel and effortlessly cut through the flesh without wasting any meat or scraping through the bone. One product that seemed to be a good choice is the 5-inch Wusthof Classic Ikon Stainless Steel boning knife.

Who is the Knife Meant for?

  • Culinary experts and chefs.
  • Individuals who regularly debone ham, chicken and other meats.
  • People looking to effortlessly trim fat and sinews.
  • Moms and dads looking to save time when de-boning meat.

Why Should You Consider This Product?

With so many deboning knives on offer, you may be wondering why buy this knife. What makes it a better option? Firstly, it is made from forged stainless steel that can withstand high pressure and stress. Secondly, it features a narrow blade that easily cuts through meat and gives the finest cuts. Thirdly, the German stainless steel does not rust and less-likely to break despite its narrow blade. Fourthly, the handle is fixed on the knife using three rivets that offer a firm and solid grip. Fifthly, is comes from a company that is renowned for producing top knives.

What are Amazon Reviews Saying?

Amazon stands outs as one of the key and reliable sources for the 5-inch Wusthof Classic Ikon Stainless steel boning knife. Customers love its narrow and thin blade that easily cuts through even the toughest flesh. In addition to being extra sharp, the high-carbon German steel will bend and cut from tight angles without easily breaking. Buyers also praise the knife for its precision and firm and solid grip thanks to the triple-riveted handle.

What are the Top Features?

The Classic Ikon 5-inch deboning knife by Wusthof comes with many features. It is long and narrow and measures 9 x 1 x1 inches and weighs 1 ounce. The knife has a very sharp edge that has been created using laser technology. It comes with a black contoured handle that is riveted to the tang via three rivets. The deboning knife’s tang extends all the way to the handle ensuring a strong and comfortable grip.


  • Light and compact
  • Strong and durable
  • Very sharp and flexible
  • Comfortable and firm grip
  • Rust and corrosion resistant


  • Designed for deboning, trimming fat and sinews only
  • A bit costly compared to other knives in its class
  • Not the lightest knife in its category


Frequently Asked questions(FAQ)

Q: Where is the knife made?

Ans: The knife is manufactured in Germany.

Q:Is the knife suited for general use?

Ans: The 5-inch Wusthof Classic Ikon knife is a specialty knife and is designed for deboning and removing fat.

Q:Does it come with warranty?

Ans: Yes, the knife comes with lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

From this review, the Classic 5-ich Ikon deboning knife by Wusthof is made fro g high-grade German stainless steel. It’s high carbon content gives it the strength to cut tough meat and still remain sharp for a long time. The ergonomic design plus the triple-riveted handle not only offers a good and firm grip, but also maintains safety even when wet. However, this knife is not the lightest in its class and comes with a slightly higher price tag. Nonetheless, individuals looking for reliability, no-fuss and precision will find the Wusthof Classic Ikon 5′ Boning knife with the black handle a good choice.